About Kurt Wilcken

In his Secret Identity, Kurt Wilcken is a Ninja Cartoonist.  He lives in the Enchanted Land-O-Cheese with his wife, Lute, his daughters Gamera Rose and Rodan, two cats, a couple birds, a snake, some fish and a bushel of ferrets.

In his erratic career he has created stories for adult furry comic books,  puppet plays for Sunday Schools, political commentary, essays on role-playing games, analyses of science fiction novels and the occasional filk song.

"The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School" is meant to explore some of the more obscure, off-beat corners of the Bible; not to mock it, (although some silliness will inevitably creep in from time to time), nor to rationalize it, (although he hopes to look at some of the ways readers have grappled with the text).  He hopes you will find it interesting, or at very least weird.

You can find more of his works at:

Kurtoons Online -  his website, where he draws a weekly pulp-era space opera webcomic titled HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE.

Poplitiko -- A blog about popular culture run by the Bard of Northern Minnesota, Alex Ness

Cold Steel and India Ink -- another blog, currently serializing an urban fantasy written by Kurt about techno-faeries, club-hopping vampires and corporate werewolves.

Kurtoons at DeviantArt -- containing samples of some of his artwork

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